Charles Owen Ultralite Skull Cap sizes 6 7/8

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A popular slim-line fiberglass jockey skull, Kite-marked to both PAS015 and BSEN1384 standards. It is lightweight, deep-fitting, and has a soft edged three point harness made from high strength nylon

Charles Owen is focused on supplying the best quality products for the
equestrian athlete. Safety is always a top priority in the design and
manufacture of our hats. The secret has been to combine the highest
level of safety with style and aesthetic good looks. Too often, brands
out source the control of the production to third party offshore
manufacture. Charles Owen has invested in state of the art manufacturing
facilities in North Wales which are rigorously inspected by both SEI
and BSI. Combining the rigors of in process quality control with
frequent independent testing guarantees every rider a first quality
product every time.

Some have a helmet cover included